3 Best Things to Do When in Sunol

You might be out of choices on where to spend your holiday. However, you might want to try something different this round. Sunol has a myriad of offers and will always have something new for you. It is a small rural town located in Alameda County, California along Niles Canyon. It is one of the top beautiful destination well known for its historical and geographical sceneries. Here is a look at the 3 best things to do when in Sunol.

1.   Sunol Water Temple

Anytime you go for a holiday in Sunol, make sure you visit the pleasing and peaceful Sunol water temple. The temple features a classical pavilion that has a height of a fifty-nine foot, a ring girder, and twelve Corinthian columns. Its magnificent beauty is seen in the tile roof over the temple. Water from the Pleasanton fields flows into a white-tiled cistern plunging into the water system. You will have a wonderful moment as you watch the beautiful paintings and the Sunol agricultural park. 

2.   Niles Canyon Railway

The Niles Canyon Railway is a heritage railway running between the Niles district of Fremont and Sunol. It is located in the east bay of the San Francisco bay area, California. The railway runs many trips through attractive sites and usually alternate between diesel and steam locomotives. Before you go there, you should look at the schedule of trains and special trains timings. 

3.   Elliston Vineyards

Just located outside Sunol, Elliston Vineyards is one of the beautiful wineries you should visit. The vineyard is spread over the beautiful landside this stunning vineyard is a stunning winery and used in wine production. You will have the chance to experience how wine is made, bottled, stored, and shipped. The venue is gorgeous for you to go for honeymoons or conduct their wedding, with elegant, romantic and outdoorsy vide.